We are a specialized hand cutting operation. Hand cutting allows us to operate in the hilly Coulee Region.  It also allows to be more careful and selective during  your harvest. 

Managing your Woodlot

A woodlot managed properly through sustainable forestry:

  • Allows for growth of your younger trees

  • Helps with deer retention & food sources

  • Removes the high risk of potentially hazardous trees from your property


Sustainable Forestry

Provides you with a recurring revenue stream from your property.  Our forward-thinking methods also allow us to return every 7-15 years to purchase more lumber from you.

getting all loaded

What Makes Us Better 

Experience!!  We have a great reputation in the area and our references will back up our business.  We have many, many references available.  We offer full service from start to finish!  Professionalism throughout is our #1 priority when working in your woodlot.